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Mobile and Penarth-based Reflexology and Indian Head Massage in Penarth, Cardiff, Barry, Sully, Dinas Powys and Wenvoe

About Me

My Experience and Qualifications

What brought me to reflexology? In 2008 I experienced a dramatic life change with the death of my husband, which caused to me rethink my life. The event left me feeling shattered and broken, yet I had two lovely young children to bring up. In my process of recovery, I gradually learned the value of taking a broader perspective. Eventually I asked myself the question, what is most important to me and how do I want to live my life going forward?

The answer that came to me was to help others find greater ease, happiness and wellness, through one-to-one therapies.

As a result, I began studying holistic therapies in 2010, and am now a mobile therapist (since 2011) offering Foot and Facial Reflexology and Indian Head Massage across South East Wales including Cardiff, Penarth, Sully, Wenvoe and Barry.

I have a Level 4 Mastership in Reflexology gained in April 2011 from Inspira Premier Academy of Reflexology. I have a Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage from VTCT World Class Qualifications. In 2022, I trained in Bergman Method Advanced Facial Reflexology at the London School of Reflexology and am fully qualified to treat you in facial reflexology.

Since being introduced to Reflexology in 2010 I have absolutely loved it. Over the years I have studied a number of additional specialist courses in Reflexology. This has given me a toolbox of skills which I can bring to your session.

These are in the areas of women's health and reproduction, lymphatic drainage for water retention and oedema, Functional Reflex Therapy (FRT) for children and adults with high levels of anxiety and stress, and elements of Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART).

Over the past decade I have worked with a wide range of ages, from 3 - 98 in private settings, offices, a special needs school and nursing homes.

I am fully insured and a full member of Professional Reflexology Association.

Inspira Premier Academy of Reflexology can be found here.

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Frequently asked questions

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different and the response to Reflexology can be immediate or sometimes take longer than one appointment, but often benefits can be seen after 4-5 sessions. Regular weekly or fortnightly treatments are best for the body properly beginning the self-healing process, and monthly sessions will maintain the benefits.

What are your fees and availability?


Course of 3 one hour Foot or Facial reflexology sessions paid in advance

£130 in my Penarth clinic , £145 if mobile

1hr Foot or Facial Reflexology session (plus consultation if first session).

£45 in my Penarth clinic, £50 if mobile

30 min Foot or Facial Reflexology Relax Session

£35 in my Penarth clinic only

*Indian Head Massage

(30 min session)

£35 in my Penarth clinic only

*Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Package

(1 hr Foot or Facial Reflexology plus 30 mins Indian Head Massage)

£75 in my Penarth clinic, £80 if mobile

*Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Taster Package

(1 hr Foot or Facial Reflexology plus 15 mins Indian Head Massage.)

£65 in my Penarth clinic, £70 if mobile

*Reflexology and Indian Head Massage Mini Package

(30 mins Foot or Facial Reflexology plus 30 mins Indian Head Massage)

£45 in my Penarth clinic, £50 if mobile

Note that if you want to cancel an appointment I require 48 hours’ notice; otherwise you will still need to pay for any sessions missed, or reschedule your appointment within 7 days. I accept payment in cash, by cheque or by bank transfer.

Gift vouchers are also available by post or email. Contact me to discuss or purchase.

Can you diagnose my health problems?

Reflexologists cannot claim to diagnose or cure, but during a treatment we get 'feedback' as to which parts of the body are working well and which are not. Sometimes Reflexology will highlight a specific area which is struggling or working hard to maintain your wellbeing; if a particular reflex point shows this kind of reaction I'll discuss it with you at the end of the session.

What happens in a treatment? Do I need to undress?

Reflexology is performed entirely on the feet, ankles or hands, so the most you’ll have to do is take off your socks and roll up your trousers! During the treatment the client lies on their back on a reclining chair, supported by pillows and covered with a soft blanket to keep them warm.

And don’t worry - reflexology doesn't tickle! Many clients come to me with ticklish feet or worried about their feet being touched, but find they can relax and enjoy the benefits of Reflexology.

Does reflexology hurt?

You might find some areas feel sensitive to the touch, but Reflexology does not involve hard pressing in the way something like a sports massage might. As a therapist I will be aware of the status of your feet, noticing how they feel, the temperature and colour. All these things play a part in understanding which areas of your body - as reflected through your feet - require a bit more care and attention.

Should I keep on having Reflexology?

Not necessarily, but after an initial course of treatment many people choose to check in monthly for a top-up, to help maintain their general wellbeing, or as a scheduled 'de-stress'. Other clients will get back in touch if they start feeling aches and pains, arranging treatments as and when they need them.

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